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 * Externally visible objects defined in scheme48vm.c.

#include "scheme48.h"
#include "c-mods.h"

/* initializing */
extern void       s48_init(void);
extern void       s48_initialize_vm(char *, long);

/* running */
extern long       s48_call_startup_procedure(char **, long);
extern s48_value  s48_restart(s48_value proc, long nargs);
extern s48_value  s48_Scallback_return_stack_blockS;
/* for extension.c */
extern void       s48_set_extension_valueB(s48_value);
extern s48_value  s48_Sextension_valueS;

/* interrupts */
extern void       s48_note_event(void);
extern psbool           s48_Spending_eventsPS;
extern char *           s48_Sstack_limitS;
extern void       s48_disable_interruptsB(void);
extern void       s48_enable_interruptsB(void);
extern void       s48_set_os_signals(s48_value list);
extern void       s48_reset_interruptsB();

/* imported and exported bindings */        
S48_EXTERN void         s48_define_exported_binding(char *, s48_value);
S48_EXTERN s48_value    s48_get_imported_binding(char *);

/* for raising exceptions in external code */
extern void       s48_setup_external_exception(s48_value exception,
                                         long nargs);
extern s48_value  s48_resetup_external_exception(s48_value exception,
                                           long additional_nargs);
extern void       s48_push(s48_value value);
extern s48_value  s48_stack_ref(long offset);
extern void       s48_stack_setB(long offset, s48_value value);

/* called when writing an image */
extern s48_value  s48_symbol_table(void);
extern s48_value  *s48_channels(void);
extern long       s48_channel_count(void);
extern s48_value  s48_imported_bindings(void);
extern s48_value  s48_exported_bindings(void);

/* called when resuming an image */
extern psbool           s48_warn_about_undefined_imported_bindings(void);

/* for initializion on SMP machines */
extern void       s48_initialize_shared_registersB(long, long, long, long);

/* manipulating channels */
S48_EXTERN void         s48_close_channel(long);
S48_EXTERN s48_value    s48_set_channel_os_index(s48_value, long);
extern s48_value  s48_really_add_channel(s48_value, s48_value, long);

/* external allocation and GC roots */
extern void       s48_gc_root(void);
extern s48_value  s48_allocate_stob(long type, long size);
S48_EXTERN void         s48_push_gc_rootsB(char *, long);
S48_EXTERN psbool s48_pop_gc_rootsB(void);
extern char *           s48_set_gc_roots_baseB(void);
extern psbool           s48_release_gc_roots_baseB(char *);
S48_EXTERN char * s48_register_gc_rootB(char *marker);
S48_EXTERN void         s48_unregister_gc_rootB(char *);
extern void       s48_reset_external_rootsB(void);
extern void       s48_post_gc_cleanup(void);

/* for native code */
extern void       s48_copy_stack_into_heap();

/* variables for native code (the names need to be fixed) */
extern s48_value  StemplateS;
extern char *           Scode_pointerS;
extern char *           ScontS;
extern char *           SstackS;
extern s48_value  SenvS;
extern s48_value  SvalS;
extern long         s48_Snative_protocolS;

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